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What is an Immediate Denture?

An Immediate Denture is a dental prosthesis constructed to replace extracted teeth and associated structures of the upper and/or lower arch which is inserted immediately following removal of the ...
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Caring for your new Dentures

Your new dentures are made with high quality acrylic and need to be maintained regularly. In time, your dentures will lose the smooth and shiny finish due to scrubbing them with a denture brush or by ...
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How do Dental Implants work?

Dental implants are a great solution for single tooth replacement all the way to full upper or lower replacement. The first step is the placement of titanium implant to replace the root. These will ...
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How to get the most Life-Like smile

Not all denture teeth are created equally. Ivoclar Vivident removeable dentures offer the most life like options available and are crafted using the most advanced material science to ensure an ...
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Are High Tech Dentures worth the extra investment?

If your previous denture has broken, it is not because it was not made properly, but likely because the acrylic resin used to make dentures is fragile. It can easily break from dropping or from the ...
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Getting help with your dental Costs

The Alberta Dental Services Corporation provides an income- based benefit for qualifying seniors. To apply and qualify you must: Be 65 years or older Live in Alberta for at least three months before ...
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Completely Customized Dentures

The process to fabricating dentures requires 4 appointments, including the complimentary initial consultation. The 1 st appointment is for taking impressions of your mouth; the 2 nd is for more ...
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